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We are amazed that Martha & Mary Ministries, Walking in Freedom! (M3) will be celebrating ten years of service, encouraging women and families to walk in freedom by trusting in Jesus Christ. Since 2010, the Lord has so graciously allowed us to minister to women holistically. We encourage women to go deeper in their relationship with Christ; empower sisterhood bonds; sharpen leadership skills; remember ministry begins at home; believe in oneself; dream bigger than ever because dreams do come true; impact lives and live healthier lives. These are just some of the ways we encourage others.

We are driven by our passion for the hurting and a desire to see everyone come into the knowledge of their true worth and full potential, which can only be found in our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Apostle John writes "Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit." (3 John. 1:2 NLT). He also records "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." and "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." (John 8:32,36 NIV). These are our foundational scriptures for M3 and these are our prayers. 

So as we embark on another year, we're praying for you. We pray that you will apply every word of God to your life, and that you will live a life that is free indeed! Be encouraged to keep your eyes on God as He continues to bless you with His amazing grace and love.

Let's walk in freedom together!

Martha & Mary Ministries, Walking in Freedom! ™ (M3) is a women's devotional ministry dedicated to encouraging, empowering, and impacting women's lives for Christ. We promote self-worth and enrichment through spiritual and educational programs. We host a variety of events such as Walking in Freedom! Workshops, conferences, training seminars, retreats, prayer breakfast, youth and community outreach, and more. Visit our Photo Gallery.

We use all these platforms for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. M3 is based in Houston, Texas where Pastor Rhovonda L. Brown is the executive director and the writer of the Walking in Freedom! Devotionals. We are amazed that our women ministry is celebrating nearly nine years of service! In 2014, we officially became The Sanctuary Christian Fellowship Church women's ministry. As we progress in our servitude to the Lord, we are continuing to serve His people with the message of Jesus Christ by providing spiritual, emotional, and educational support. We continue to be a light for God in programs, activities, and resources for the entire family. Peruse through our website to learn more about The Sanctuary.

 WE'RE SISTERS: Martha & Mary 
We're Sisters: Martha & Mary

I love the scriptures about Martha and Mary. I love the relationship Jesus had with them and their brother Lazarus. They were very close friends and often Jesus would visit with them. Martha and Mary were sisters who communicated with Jesus, spent time with Him, and they loved Him. They prayed to Jesus for the healing of their brother, Lazarus (John 11:3). Mary worshipped at Jesus' feet and anointing His feet with her expensive oil (John 11:32, 12:3). She also sat at the Lord's feet, listening as He taught (Luke 10:39). Through love and devotion, Martha opened her house to Jesus and lovingly served Him (Luke 10:38; John 12:2). But when Martha got frustrated, stressed, and distracted by the big dinner she was planning, the Savior had to remind her to focus on what is most important - Jesus (Luke 10:40-42).

The Lord showed me that most, if not all women, are like Martha and Mary in some way or another. We are like Martha, strong and independent. We're busy women helping and serving others; so much so that at times, we stretch ourselves too thin. Sometimes, we get distracted by unnecessary things. We know the Word of God, and we enjoy serving Him faithfully. But most importantly, we love Him deeply! We are like Mary, Martha's sister, not perfect, but we believe in a perfect God. We have a genuine childlike love for Him. We love spending time with Him and in His Word. Like Mary, we want to please God, and we enjoy sitting at His feet worshipping Him.

Although we are women from various backgrounds, ethnicity, beliefs, and different struggles, I believe, we all can relate to these sisters. We are strong women, but have many flaws. We want to be accepted, understood, and loved. We are women who need to be loved, and want someone to truly love us, regardless of our faults and imperfections. We are beautiful women who have an awesome story to tell.

I pray that each woman who reads Walking in Freedom! Devotionals or attends our events will be encouraged to keep her eyes on God. Know the power of His amazing love and forgiveness. See the beauty God sees when He looks at her, and will be encouraged to walk in the freedom of Jesus Christ!!

-Pastor Rhovonda

Min. Marlene Carthen
Min. Marlene Carthen

Minister Mireya Marlene Carthen was born in El Paso Texas and raised in Juarez Mexico.  She is currently in her ninth year of ministry. Marlene has three Children, Xavier, Denzel and Talia.  Marlene had been married for 29 years, but after infidelities, lies and hurt and pain she divorced her husband.  While she first struggled with continuing in the ministry God confirmed that the journey must go on… Romans 11:29 “God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn.”  Through constant prayer and alignment with God she continues in the ministry.
Minister Marlene early years consisted of sexual abuse from her mother’s first husband… in turn she resorted to joining a gang. In time, she turned her life around and graduated from high school in three years. She then married and had three children.  Subsequently dealing with betrayal, she did the unthinkable… resorted to numb her loneliness, hurt and pain with drug addiction.  It was at this time God rescued her.

In 2003 she accepted Jesus as her savior and He began a restoration process in her.  She joined Firewheel Church in Dallas, Texas and became an AWANA Bible class teacher to children 7-12 years old.  Although it appeared that her life turned out for the better, she had to learn how to deal with the struggles in life, from marital issues to medication addiction.  After much resistance on her part, Minister Marlene discovered the freedom to live victoriously by applying God’s Word to her life.

In May of 2009, she was called into ministry at the Family of Faith Fellowship Church in Houston, Texas. In January of 2013 her steps were guided to The Sanctuary Christian Fellowship Church in Houston, Texas to continue her spiritual growth and journey.  In conjunction with her ministry she periodically volunteers with KSBJ as a prayer team member, she also volunteers with All for One and One for All feeding the homeless. 

Minister Marlene states that “In all the past hurt and pain, I have discovered the benefit of having a close relationship with God. Thus, Him revealing to me that I am not short of sin and to be non-judgmental towards others. For we all sin.  I have experienced the grace of God and no longer have to prove myself worthy, because He found me worthy.  Hallelujah!  I have walked through the fire and found my strength in Him and know that I am never alone. I am loved. I am cared for…. For He is Faithful.”  

God continues to develop and mold Min. Marlene's ministry to reach out to the hurting and in need of spiritual guidance.  To date God has been directing Minister Marlene’s “Rising Above” ministry: A ministry that only desire is to be used by God; to witness and be a vessel to those in need. "Rising Above" discusses and assists individuals in the process of dealing with emotions, ministers to women/young ladies, and strives to be candid and empathetic to the issues each person faces in life. From sexual abuse, infidelity, divorce, addiction, and dealing/coping with health issues and the trauma that comes from those things, “Rising Above” not only provides spiritual support but empowers others to rise above the pain and hurt.  “Rising Above” ministry also offers resume and portfolio building, career leads, and equipping workshops for the unemployed. In the near future, anticipates offering a free career attire closet to those in need. 

Minister Marlene is and continues to be an incredible testimony of the active, redeeming work of Jesus Christ.  There is a scripture that best exemplifies her life’s journey thus far: “I will not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.”  Psalm 118:17 NKJV


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